Friday, April 3, 2015

What cooler to use?

When we started the process of deciding which of the 30 families and 200 items that we offer should we make available to the Microbrewery industry, Can and Bottle Coolers were a must.  What size?

Off to the local liquor store to pick up product to test with, and the final conclusion was that our 12 oz. can cooler fit both cans and 12 oz. shorty bottles, our 12 oz slim fit long neck bottles, and our 16 oz. was of course perfect for the Pint Cans.  We also offer a great pint glass cooler that our Accounting Manager tells us fits Red Solo Cups too!

Have your favorite pub or brewery call us at 1-800-533-8006 and ask for Matt, Mark, or Joe with the Brew House Collection.

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